Have You Tried the myPhillyRising App? Check out this Video

No, this is not a commercial for Apple. It’s actually a video from the Philadelphia City government highlighting its myPhillyRising app: the app for community building.

The video, serving as a virtual demo of the app, is just one piece of the City’s digital engagement strategy to meet its customer where they are. Through animated shorts, how-to clips, compelling personal stories and interviews, the City government is using video to connect with citizens in a way that’s new for municipalities: through engaging (and often entertaining) content.

The transformative video above is not unlike the transformative technology it showcases.

The myPhillyRising app has created a social network around community building. Divided into each PhillyRising neighborhood, users have profiles through which they can post, look-up, or comment on nearby events. Further, users can post pictures or videos after events have taken place.

Staying true to the collaborative nature of community-building, there is a gamification piece to the app. Whenever a neighborhood hosts an event, it receives a point. As individual users “check-in” to that event, both the neighborhood and the user receive points.

If you’re looking to get involved in community projects, meet new people, or engage in a new, positive social network, this app is worth checking out. The myphillyrising app can be used from any desktop or browser at myphillyrising.com or through any smart device using the Philly311 Mobile App.

Although this video was not created by Apple, you would be surprised at the ways the Philadelphia government is leveraging technology and innovative strategies to solve our city’s problems.

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*A special thanks to the Office of Innovation and Technology’s Bruce Martin for his creation of this video. Stay tuned for the release of more myPhillyRising “How-to” videos.

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