Philly311 Update: Followers, Calendars, Playlists, Oh My

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Philly311 has always had an active social media presence, first creating social media accounts back in 2009 and officially extending its services through social media during Hurricane Sandy. Customers have seemed to appreciate this presence, entering service requests through tweets and engaging in digital events such as tweetchats. But Philly311 received another validation for its efforts by receiving its 10,000 follower this month. This makes Philly311 the second most followed 311 system in the country, behind New York City.

Daniel Ramos, Philly311 Community Engagement Coordinator

If you haven’t used your Philly311 Mobile App in a while, you’ll find a new widget on the last page reading “Community Engagement Calendar.” When you click on the Community Engagement Calendar you’ll find a list of events that will be attended by Philly 311’s community engagement coordinator Daniel Ramos. Daniel attends events to participate in clean-ups, spread the word about Philly311’s services, and to teach Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison training sessions. In addition to the time, date, and description of the event, there is also an option to automatically add the event to your phone’s calendar. To learn more about Philly311’s Neighborhood Liaison Program, visit its website. Or contact Daniel Ramos at You can also download the Philly311 Mobile App here.

As you might have seen, Philly311 also launched The Philly311 Show, adding “television” to its list of channels its uses to engage with customers. On The Philly311 Show, Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue sits down with leaders from across City government to discuss their department, new programs, and resources available to Philadelphia residents, businesses, and visitors. A compilation of these videos can be found on the Philly311 Youtube playlist, Philly311 TV Show. Philly311 Youtube playlists also include “311 Operations”; “311 Community Engagement Programs”; and “311 Customer Testimonials” among others. If you haven’t caught The Philly311 Show, you should. It’s an entertaining way to learn about City government. In the show’s last episode, Rosetta Carrington Lue sits down with Al D’Attilio, Director of Human Resources for the City of Philadelphia. In his interview, Al breaks down the steps to apply for a job with the City and discusses the exciting innovations within the City government. You can see a clip of the episode below:

The Philly311 Show appears on the Philly311 Youtube channel as well as Philadelphia’s Channel 64 at 7:00pm on Monday/Wednesday/Sunday and 7:00am on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

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