Chief Customer Service Officer Gets Social at Temple


Last night, Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue presented at Temple’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The class was called “Social Media Innovation” (something close to the heart of the Philadelphia city government.)

Philadelphia’s municipal social media accounts are nothing new, but uses for these of these platforms seem to have come of age in recent years to create a more accessible, transparent, and engaging city government.

Mayor Nutter, for example (@Michael_Nutter) is active on on Twitter, engaging with the public and even taking service requests from residents who tweet him. The city government has an active Twitter (@PhiladelphiaGov), Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and WordPress page where it posts pictures, videos, and blog posts about what’s going on in the city. Managing Director Rich Negrin (@Richnegrin) also has a lively Twitter and Facebook feed with multimedia content and interaction with the community.

Lue (@RosettaLue) used the presentation at Temple to highlight all of the ways the city government is using social media, including Philly311 (@Philly311). As the City’s Non-emergency contact center, 311 utilizes Twitter and Facebook to not only push out information but to accept service requests from customers. It creates content for its Youtube and WordPress accounts to teach customers about city services and how to connect with the the City government. Lue also talked about exploring newer social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine, to connect with a different demographic of customers and provide relevant and engaging content about municipal government.

By leveraging social media, Philadelphia government has not only made itself more accessible, it has created communities where residents can learn about city resources, interact, collaborate, and ultimately better our city.

2 thoughts on “Chief Customer Service Officer Gets Social at Temple

  1. Awesome! I took the Social Media Innovation class at Temple a few years ago. Now I’m working for the City of Phila’s Office of Innovation & Tech. Coincidence? I think not! 😉

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