Social Media Content for Customer Service


I recently read an article from McKinsey Quarterly about the role of social media in customer service. The article dove into the operational aspects of implementing a social media strategy. It also compared the use of traditional call centers vs. social media platforms for customer service. One point the article made compared the cost of the two channels: “handling an inbound telephone call typically costs a company $6 to $8; an interaction using social media, less than $1.”

The article also made another point to help illustrate the endless possibilities for customer service: social media platforms make it “easier to guide customers to relevant web pages or video content.” While this functionality has often been used for content marketing, organizations should tap-into this low-cost opportunity as a customer service effort, sending customers towards the answers and information they need. (Hopefully, before they ask.)

This is really a lesson in proactive customer service. If you are aware of your top customer FAQ’s, what’s stopping you from making 10 short videos and pushing them out through social media channels? The same goes for blogs, which are really just flexible platforms  to quickly create (and post) relevant content.

While relevant video and blog content is relatively easy to generate, planning content ahead is how customers get the most value. For instance, weather emergencies or holidays could shape what questions your customers will be asking. If so, you can create a video or blog post before hand. Another way to find ideas for content creation is to pay attention to what your customers are saying on social media. If you see a trend, create content that addresses concerns with relevant information.

Through social media, your organization can not only answer customer questions instantaneously, it can push out an answer before it’s even asked.

0a87dc88be2bd3c4377aed9a2380550eRosetta Carrington Lue is the Chief Customer Service Officer and Senior Advisor to the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Director. Follow Rosetta on Twitter @Rosettalue or visit her blog at

3 thoughts on “Social Media Content for Customer Service

  1. Reblogged this on myoriginallyric and commented:
    As a Social Media and Media Content Producer, I found this to be very interesting! I want all my clients to read this information! they all have a tendency to ask the same questions… What is FaceBook doing for me? Well… It’s the visibility, the interaction, and the constant catering you can provide to your customers, followers and referring crowd that in the end provides profitable business. We are all looking for residual income from our hard labors… but building a foundation that provides satisfaction, education, and security is what truly brings them coming back for more! That is real customer appreciation and loyalty.

  2. Customer Support Philippines, a call center based in Manila Philippines, is actually implementing the use of social media channels to communicate with its customers abroad. This makes our agents more agile and highly creative/innovative in handling customer issues. This system was introduced 3 years ago and we are happy to announce that such is a success. Kudos to Rosetta Carrington Lue in bringing this topic into limelight.

  3. Funny that a lot of companies don’t see the importance of social media customer service. I think that’s where people are and most customers don’t think that huge companies would be speaking to them via such. But if you do and you are able to provide them solutions through social media, just imagine how happy these people are going to be. I’d invest on this if I were you.

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