Top 5 Widgets You Might Not Know on the Philly311 Mobile App

Did you know that the City of Philadelphia has a new Chief Integrity Officer? What about the property history of your apartment building? Have there ever been any violations at your address? Did you know that you could find this information on the Philly311 Mobile App? While the Philly311 Mobile App is most often used to enter service requests, there are a number of other widgets on the app that most users don’t know about. From a City Official directory to a “Licenses and Inspections Property History” widget, the Philly311 Mobile App can truly be your connection to City Hall (if you know how to use it.) Let’s take a look at our “Top 5 Widgets You Might Not Know” on the Philly311 Mobile App.

1. City Administration Directory

The Philly311 Mobile App has “City Administration” directory that lists top City officials and their contact info. Each directory page also includes a picture and a biography for each member of the Mayor’s Administration.


2. L&I Property History

Last year, the Philly311 Mobile App launched the Licenses and Inspections widget. Pulling L&I data, Philly311 app users can enter an address to look up specific property history. (We wrote a blog post about the L&I widget here.)

photo 2

3. City News

Ever wonder what was new with City government but didn’t know where to check besides a news outlet? You can click on the City News widget on your mobile app to see a compilation of the latest press releases from the Mayor’s Press Office. (You can also see the press releases online.)

4. myPhillyRising is the social network for community building. Based off of apps like Yelp or Around Me, the app lets you know what community events are happening near your neighborhood. Further, you can comment or post pictures and videos on your neighborhood’s page. As events and activities are posted on neighborhood’s pages, neighborhoods and users receive points. (Watch the video here.)

photo 1

5. Requests Nearby

The Philly311 Mobile app uses your phone’s geographic location to show you service requests made nearby. When clicking on each request, you can view the submitted picture (if applicable) and description. You can also view nearby requests on a map of the city. The same app can be used on Philly311’s website on the “request submission” page.


Do you have another favorite widget on the Philly311 Mobile App? Let us know in the comments!

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