N3rd Street is Official!

Photo courtesy of Technically Philly and Jason Sherman

Photo courtesy of Technically Philly and Jason Sherman

If you’ve spent any time around Philadelphia’s tech community, you’ve probably heard of “N3RD Street.” The nickname has been floating around for the past few years, paying tribute to the growing tech community on North 3rd Street between Old City and Northern Liberties.

On March 6, 2014 a resolution was introduced to City Council  “Also naming 3rd Street between Market and Poplar Streets to “N3RD Street.” The legislation passed, new streets signs installed, and the community celebrated with a ceremony and a BBQ.

(You can read the resolution here)

At the ceremony were representatives from the many companies on N3rd St (Indy Hall and Jarvus to name a few) as well as representatives from city government. Managing Director Rich Negrin, City Council President Darrell Clarke, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Alan Greenberger, Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid, and Director of Civic Technology Tim Wisniewski attended the ceremony, among others.

“What began as a colloquial nickname, has become a reality, and now a movement. N3rd St represents our best talent, homage to our innovative past in Old City, and a bridge to our growing innovative future. “ Rich Negrin.

CIO Adel Ebeid said, “Philly always tops the list of cities where civic innovation thrives and what’s going on in N3rd St. is a big reason behind that. It’s genuine, authentic, empowering and organic…..that’s what separates Philly from the rest.”

Making N3rd Street official  is more than an acknowledgement from city government; it’s a vow of support. The resolution, the signage, the presence of City officials at the ceremony shows that city government is not only proud of what the tech community has accomplished, but it wants to be a partner in the community’s continued growth and success. Keep an open ear as N3rd Street gains a reputation far beyond the city limits…


Technically Philly has more photos of the ceremony here.


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