Philly311 Thanks Samyah Green!

This Wednesday is Administrative Professional Day. To celebrate, Philly311 would like to highlight its own Samyah Green.


Just over a year into her position, Samyah has become an essential member of the 311 team, providing administrative support to approximately 50 employees. In addition to her daily tasks (mostly supporting Operations Manager Sheryl Johnson and Administrative Operations Manager Graham Quinn), Samyah is responsible for a wide range of special projects such as facilitating 311’s comprehensive new hire training program. Most recently, Samyah was named the facilitator of the City’s Customer Service Leadership Academy, an in-house training program for all City employees.

While Samyah keeps 311 running, employees most appreciate her kind heart. Samyah has the department’s loudest laugh and biggest smile. Samyah’s professional skills help make Philly311 a great service but her spirit makes it a great place to work. Here’s what a few 311 employees had to say:

“Samyah Green provides administrative support for all facets of our Contact Center. She is instrumental in daily operations for the call center, walk-in center and back office. She is a key component of our new hire training program, ensuring new hires are properly oriented in our environment. She spearheads our Customer Service Leadership Academy, designing and maintaining the website, instituting improvements in the curriculum and enrolling employees in an effort to foster more quality customer service throughout the city. I have no clue how she gets it all done successfully but I can say the overall workday here at 311 is more organized and our efforts more effective with Samyah Green as our Admin. Happy Administrative Professionals Week! You certainly deserve it.” -Kimberly Adams, Philly311 Knowledgebase and Social Content Coordinator

“Administrative assistants do it all, and help everyone in the office. I think Samyah is one of the most versatile employees around!”-Morris Hobson, Philly311 Contact Center Agent/Social Media Support

“Samyah is a wonderful person and makes you come out of your shell, no matter what. Thank you, Samyah.” – Jason Greenwood, Philly311 Business Analyst

“Samyah is an integral part of our team. I appreciate her, even when she gives me a hard time. Her energy is an asset to our department.” -Graham Quinn, Philly311 Administrative Operations Manager

“Samyah is the glue that keeps me together.  She greets each day with a smile and loves her  job.  That’s a great combination.  Administrative staff are essential for running a successful operation and I’d be lost without Samyah!”-Sheryl Johnson, Philly311 Operations Manager

Thank you, Samyah! We appreciate everything you do!

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