Are You Voting Today? The Philly311 Mobile App Can Help!

The Philly311 Mobile App has many added features besides the ability to enter service requests from your smart phone. One of those features is the “Election Day” widget which could come in handy today and later in the year.


The “Election Day” widget has three main functions. The first provides users with general voting information and information specifically catered to first-time voters:


The Election Day widget also has a polling locator. Users can enter their address to find the address and a map of their polling location. The app even includes a phone number to call to confirm that the location is correct.



Another important function on the widget is the ballot, listing both candidates and questions for this Election Day:


The Philly311 Mobile App can be used to enter and track service requests, view L&I property history, get emergency management info, among other municipal information. Now, users can enable the app to send push notifications on the status of requests and other City-related news. To contact the 311 team with questions or concerns about the app, please use the “Feedback” widget or tweet at “@MOBI311.” If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, click here.

Go Vote!

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