Join the 2014 Summer Jobs Challenge!

Do you remember your first summer job? Do you remember how valuable it was in your development? Mayor Nutter and the Philadelphia Youth Network are working to end the summer job crisis in our city and find jobs for as many Philadelphia youth as possible.

Youth summer jobs are important for two key reasons: (1) summer jobs provide valuable skills and professional development for our city’s future workforce and (2) money earned by youth is later infused on our city’s economy. With the youth unemployment rate in Pennsylvania roughly 11% higher than that of adults, now is the time to stop the summer job crisis with the “Summer Jobs Challenge 2014.”

Through the WorkReady Philadelphia program, Mayor Nutter and the Philadelphia Youth Network are working with local businesses to secure job opportunities for Philadelphia’s youth for summer 2014. At the PhillySummerJobs website, businesses can commit to hire  WorkReady applicants, host subsidized employees, host an enhance summer job program, or commit to $1700 to finance a youth’s summer work experience. Earlier this week, Mayor Nutter and other  City officials took to a call-a-thon to ask for investments from local businesses in WorkReady Philadelphia. In just one-hour, 100 new jobs were created.

To read more about the staggering facts on summer jobs or how how can join the 2014 Summer Jobs Challenge, visit

Also, see last year’s video from Mayor Nutter about the importance of summer jobs in Philadelphia:

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