Who We Are: Najeeb Edens

Philly311's Najeeb Edens

Philly311’s Najeeb Edens

Najeeb Edens is a Philly311 agent who enjoys stepping out from behind the phones and into the community when answering customer’s questions.

Philly311 has a long history of community engagement. The Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Program was created in 2009 to empower community heroes to directly enter and track service requests in the 311 system. Philly311’s Community Engagement Coordinator Daniel Ramos facilitates this program, gives presentations, and passes out marketing materials across the city to spread the word about 311 and its services.

Now Daniel’s elicited the help of Najeeb Edens to take Philly311’s community engagement efforts one step further.

“It’s great to have an actual agent like Najeeb out in the community. With his experience taking calls, he is a human knowledge base for municipal services.” Daniel Ramos

On the other side of the 311 system, Najeeb knows every service request, the information required to make a request, and the time-table it takes for service to be delivered. Najeeb takes this knowledge with him as he assists Daniel, sometimes giving presentations, sometimes hitting the pavement delivering brochures door-to-door. Najeeb loves interacting with people in the community and sharing his knowledge. What he loves most? Encountering someone who has never heard of 311.

“A lot of people don’t know about 311. We actually empower them, because after we’ve finished explaining the service, they have the tools to get their issues resolved.” Najeeb Edens

What helps the most in Nejeeb’s position is being an active member of his own neighborhood. He loves the Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Program because it spreads the word about Philly311, and the knowledge of municipal services, to any neighborhood willing to participate.

“The neighborhood you live in belongs to you and your community. You have to take ownership. The Neighborhood Liaison Program gives people the power to do something, to make a difference.” Najeeb Edens

Thankfully, there are employees like Daniel and Najeeb looking to empower every neighborhood. If you’re interested in learning more about the Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Program, contact Daniel Ramos at 311nlp@phila.gov or check out the program’s official video.

7 thoughts on “Who We Are: Najeeb Edens

  1. Najeeb is the total package of what customer service is and should be. He is excited and happy to assist customers and colleagues. He usually, “Views a glass half full instead of half empty.” It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to work with you.

  2. Najeeb is great to work with and he is full of helpful knowledge. He is always willing to help out when he can. Excellent job Najeeb!!!

  3. It’s nice to be recognized and acknowledged for your customer service skills here at 311. Keep up the good work Najeeb!!! 🙂

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