PhillyRising Launches a Youth Career Boot Camp in Frankford

phillyrising_final_logo-(1) (1)In the middle of the hot summer, while most kids were swimming in the pool or playing basketball, over 30 youths from Frankford learned about writing resumes, dressing for job interviews, and creating LinkedIn profiles.

Most young people are expected to get jobs during high school and college yet there are few resources that teach the hard-to-learn skills and behaviors it takes to get hired. With this in mind, PhillyRising revamped its Career Boot Camp to give young people a better chance at realizing their career goals.

PhillyRising partnered with the Frankford CDC to facilitate a Career Boot Camp that focused on youth employment education. PhillyRising’s Deputy Director Bennie Ruth and Northeast Coordinator Sanya Brown developed and taught the workshop, pulling from youth workers who obtained summer employment through the Philadelphia Youth Network. The workshop spanned for two-days, lasting from 9am-1pm.

Frankford CDC PYN Career Boot Camp 2014

PhillyRising’s Career Boot Camp began at the basics, starting with goal-setting, positive self-talk, and PhillyRising’s unique S.T.A.R.  planning tool The workshop moved on to more advanced professional skills such as resume writing, cover-letter-writing, and interview techniques. The course also provided a list of contact information for area employers.

While resume writing assignments and mock-interviews were challenging activities for Boot Camp participants, PhillyRising’s Sanya Brown was most impressed by the personal growth she saw over the two days. Most participants entered the Boot Camp as typical teenagers–loud, disinterested in professional development– but all of the 31 Boot Camp graduates left as fully-engaged young adults with polished resumes and cover letters and refined professional skills.

The Boot Camp gave them the skills and tools necessary to accomplish their life goals in conjunction with an unforgettable summer experience.

To learn more about PhillyRising’s Youth Career Boot Camp, contact Sanya Brown at To connect and engage with PhillyRising activities, visit

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