After School Activities Widget Now Available on Philly311 Mobile App

Last week, the Mayor’s Office of Communications announced the release of the Philly311 After School Activities widget. Born out of Philly311’s public widget contest, the idea for a youth programming widget came from Code for Philly Brigade Captain Chris Alfano. Chris Alfano won the widget contest, which led to a partnership between Philly311, Code for Philly, and the After School Activities Partnership (ASAP).

By partnering with ASAP, the new widget gained access to a vast, regularly-maintained database of youth programming. ASAP facilitates Chess, Drama, Debate, and Scrabble programming throughout the city and publishes these activities in its popular directory. Both the partnership with Code for Philly and ASAP led to a comprehensive, interactive, and highly-valuable end product for Philadelphia parents and guardians.

“Philadelphia has an abundance of high-quality after school activities that offer safe and engaging opportunities for youth of all ages and interests.  To help families find the right program for their child, ASAP’s directory looks to share information on all of these activities – from Arts & crafts to Zumba – in a format that is comprehensive yet easy-to-use,” said Justin Ennis, Executive Director, After School Activities Partnership in the City’s official press release.

Here’s how the widget works. It’s located on the second page of the Philly311 Mobile App.

photo 1 (1)

Search for programming by location, age, time of day, and clubs offered.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3The launch of this widget is important for two reasons: (1) it shows illustrates the power of collaboration between government and external partners and (2) it provides comprehensive, important support our city’s parents and children.

“Partnering with the local tech community helped the Philly311 Mobile App to better serve parents and become an even more impressive customer engagement tool.” Sheryl Johnson, Philly311 Operations Manager

The Managing Director’s Office would like to extend its gratitude  ASAP, Code for Philly, and Chris Alfano for a great idea that created this important result.

“In the face of so many daunting challenges around education, it’s great that technology can help spread the word about vital after school programs to help our children make progress and further their education,” Managing Director Richard Negrin.

The Philly311 Mobile App is available for free on any iPhone, Android, and Blackberry device. Download here.

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