PhillyRising Collaborates for Hartranft Spring Festival and Handball Tournament 

PhillyRising Hartranft

In late June, APM and the Rainbow de Colores Park Group collaborated with PhillyRising for the annual Spring Festival and Handball Tournament in Hartranft. PhillyRising’s Joandelis Marquez helped connect the friends group with public safety, special event permits, and other municipal support for the event.

The Spring Festival took place in the Rainbow de Colores Park on 5th and York Streets. Filled with food, games, and resource tables, the festival gave neighbors a chance to enjoy the late spring/early summer weather, while learning about how to improve their community.

Hosting this family-friendly event in the community, the Rainbow de Colores Park Group is a unique asset to the Hartranft neighborhood. Made up of nearly 50 young men, the group maintains the revamped Rainbow de Colores Park themselves. But the group doesn’t stop there. Most members are trained Philly311 Neighborhood Liaisons, with the Philly311 Mobile App downloaded on their phones. Group members are active 311 users, frequently entering requests to help beautify and improve the quality of life throughout the neighborhood.


Among all of the festivities, and collaboration with city government, the real triumph in Hartranft is in the young Rainbow de Colores Park Group. A large group of young adults taking charge of their neighborhoods to make positive improvement is the kind of culture that can save a neighborhood, a city. Congratulations to APM, the Rainbow de Colores Park Group, and the Hartranft community for a great summer. We’re all looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish next.


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