Building Great Neighborhoods

My office recently worked with local video producers Charles Morabito, Greg Heller, and Adam Maruszan to release an animated short titled “Philadelphia: A City of Neighborhoods.” The video tells the story of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and the city government’s neighborhood-centric programs. Below is  the text to the video’s narrative. I hope you share this video with community heroes, community organizations, or anyone else looking to make a difference in our city’s great neighborhoods. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Brotherly love.

A sense of community.

A city of neighborhoods.

But what makes a neighborhood, great?

In the 19th century, Philadelphia’s neighborhoods flourished.  Philadelphia was amongst the great manufacturing cities with a world class shipping port and factories full of workers. These workers lived and raised families, making up neighborhoods with a high quality of life.

But over time, the manufacturing industry changed, the economy shifted and many Philadelphians lost their jobs.  And because so many individuals suffered, so did their neighborhoods.

Now many years later, Philadelphia is growing.  Crime is at it’s lowest point in 40 years and the economy is adapting.  Major building projects are creating jobs and changing our skyline once again.

And now is the time to help our neighborhoods rise.

Today, the Nutter administration and City government is dedicated to a new era of citizen empowerment. If our city is going to change, our neighborhood heroes will lead the way.

Philly 311’s neighborhood Liaison Program helps community members record and track neighborhood concerns.  In Point Breeze, Barbara used Philly 311 to become the centralized voice of her community.  After entering a service request, graffiti has now been removed from her street.

PhillyRising partners with community leaders to connect citizens with city services, resources, and sustainable solutions.  In North Philadelphia, PhillyRising partnered with Devin and his Organization, Philly Urban Creators.  Together, they transformed nearby abandoned lots into thriving urban farms.

Philly Keyspots provides free computer use, web access, and technology training to communities around the city.  With nearly 50% of residents lacking internet access, Keyspots centers connect Philadelphians online.  In Strawberry Mansion, Paul used his local Keyspot to apply for a job, and was hired.

Citizens determine the success of their communities…. And those communities determine the success of our city.

By working together, citizens and government,  we can make sure Philadelphia is not just a city of neighborhoods…. but a city of great neighborhoods for all of us.


9 thoughts on “Building Great Neighborhoods

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