PhillyRising Goes Digital


The PhillyRising Collaborative is about human connections. The program builds relationships between Division Coordinators and community stakeholders to address  neighborhood concerns. Through these relationships, community members are empowered by access to education and the resources necessary to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. In essence, the program has built a far-reaching network of engaged and empowered citizens across the city. Now, PhillyRising is leveraging technology to expand this network and improve its effectiveness.

Most recently, PhillyRising has implemented a performance management strategy to measure the effectiveness of its specific service delivery and community engagement efforts. The PhillyRising team now utilizes an output tracker which digitally tracks activities facilitated by PhillyRising Coordinators. The output tracker measures the performance of activities such as:

  • Community meeting attendance
  • Service requests entered by PhillyRising Coordinators on behalf of community members
  • Events coordinated by PhillyRising
  • Volunteer hours facilitated by PhillyRising
  • Citizen Engagement Academy sign-ups and graduates

Data from these activities shows the qualitative outcomes of PhillyRising’s presence in a neighborhood. The data also shows where and how a community’s level of engagement could improve.

PhillyRising also has an app:

Inspired by apps such as AroundMe and Yelp, the myPhillyRising app is a central platform where community members can look-up meetings, events, clean-ups and resources around their PhillyRising neighborhoods. Centered on collaboration, the app allows users to generate content for their neighborhood’s page. Community members can create events, share success stories and photos or post questions and comments on their neighborhood’s discussion board. The app also gamifies community building. Users can gain points by: signing up for an account; sharing events, resources, and stories; or RSVPing/checking-in to an event. User points are added to the neighborhood’s points listed at the top of its page. An increase in points creates a public notification that the specific neighborhood “is rising.”

Through these digital efforts, PhillyRising can leverage technology to strategically engage and empower residents in every neighborhood across the city. But the program has not given up on the power of human connections. PhillyRising Coordinators are still active members in their divisional neighborhoods. The annual PhillyRising Conference is also scheduled to take place on October 18th at Temple University (1775 N. 15th Street). The interactive conference will connect attendees with actionable service requests and helpful municipal information. We’ll write more about the conference as the date gets closer.

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