– Update #1

Here we are two weeks since we kicked-off!  It has been an exciting time and also a very busy time (collective phew!).  We’ve been reviewing the feedback from the feedback form and the comments have been awesome!  Over 60+ visitors to the site have given helpful feedback and suggested what we can do to make it better.  With that we say, “Thank you. Your voices are being heard and we’re evaluating your ideas”.  We’ve had over 1,900 visitors to the site resulting in over 8,850 pageviews.  Additionally, we’ve received internal feedback as well.  These are the updates we are working on thus far:

  • Added the ability to add and view “news” from within and not just external links.
  • Added SwiftType to allow for better searching across the site.   This will allow us to provide much better search results to help visitors find what they are looking for.
  • Updated the “Pay a Bill” page listing by removing the “pay your” lead-in and sorted the list alphabetically. By removing “Pay Your” from the results visitors can now quickly look through the list of services they can pay online in alphabetical order.
  • Continuing testing out our Information Architecture to better serve up content. The goal here is to organize information so it can be easily found, easily managed and be extremely useful.  This includes techniques such as labeling content correctly, structuring content, and categorizing information into like groups.  We conducted our test using card sorting and the one big take away was that our assumption people would associate law, courts, and prisons with public safety was totally and utterly wrong!

Stay tuned as we continue to improve and update alpha.  We will be updating you again in two weeks!

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