– Update #2

We have been working a few different fronts during this past iteration of, all of which have been either subtle changes or completely behind the scenes. Our team will expound on each of these in future posts, but here is a summary:


Alpha has been hosted in the cloud from day one, but much of the early configuration has been manual or not well optimized. We are making our hosting environment more robust through server optimizations and automating both infrastructure and software deploys.

Pattern Portfolio

Even as we continue to improve on our design, we’re looking ahead to how we can achieve design consistency across our sites and applications, be they built internally, by vendors, or even the civic tech community. We’re breaking down our design into its basic building blocks and organizing them in a pattern portfolio, which will be a very useful as Alpha evolves.

Testing how we organize information

A shiny new website is worthless if people can’t find the services and information they need. We are testing how we organize information with Philadelphia residents to make sure people can find what they need as easily as possible.

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