Philly Innovates: People, Place, Process (VIDEO)

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology has released the latest installment of its “Philly Innovates” series. The video explores efforts in managing and building a capacity for innovation within city government.

“People, Place, Process” is an aspect of the city government’s innovation management strategy:

  • People refers to the Academy for Municipal Innovation, through which city employees are trained on the principles of innovation in partnership with Philadelphia University.
  • Place refers to the city government’s Innovation Lab, where city employees can work, collaborate across departments, brainstorm, or engage in innovative programming.
  • Process refers to the city’s Innovation Fund, which provides seeding funding for new, interesting ideas with the potential to improve the services and functions of city government.

By connecting these three components in a thoughtful way, city government can build a capacity to create, support, and actualize innovative ideas. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Philly Innovates: People, Place, Process (VIDEO)

  1. For conscientious city employees who work in a mid-century, bullying culture this seems like so much pie in the sky. Corrupt personnel practices, lack of accountability, failure to enforce policy, and the marginalization of employees who question the status quo make effecting change very difficult…

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