RECAP: Philly Innovates Summit

photo (26)Last week, the City of Philadelphia hosted a “Philly Innovates Summit” to highlight the successful implementation of the new Philly311 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and other innovative initiatives within Philadelphia city government.

Through technology demos, panel discussions, a police vehicle, and even a youth hackathon, the day was an interactive celebration of how Philadelphia city government connects with residents. The summit was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and hosted over 500 attendees.

The Philly311 CRM is the system through which customer questions, complaints, and service requests are entered and dispatched, connecting customers to Philly311 agents and city departments. Built on the Salesforce platform and implemented by Unysis, the new CRM has helped Philadelphia city government connect with citizens in more thoughtful and engaging ways. The platform allows for customers, Philly311 agents, and city departments to track requests and discuss progress. Philly311 agents have heightened mapping capabilities and a centralized knowledge base (among other features) to provide better service. Community members can even use the platform to plan events and collaborate on neighborhood issues.

On the platform, Managing Director Rich Negrin said, “The new CRM has helped us reimagine the citizen and government relationship. It’s a platform that empowers, connects, serves, and will evolve to meet the future needs of our city.”

Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue said, “ Philadelphia’s citizens are our customers, and we are driven to use the best tools possible to make sure every citizen is connected and we hear their voices, loud and clear.”

The Philly Innovates Summit included presentations from:

  • Mayor Michael Nutter, City of Philadelphia
  • Rich Negrin, Managing Director/Deputy Mayor, City of Philadelphia
  • Rosetta Carrington Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer, City of Philadelphia
  • Adel Ebeid, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Philadelphia
  • Vivek Kundra, Executive Vice President, Salesforce
  • Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Department

The Summit also revealed a “Philly Innovates Blueprint” which explains “how mayors across America can adopt and implement Philadelphia’s vision for a “Connected City.” View the blueprint here.

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