Vote for Philadelphia in the StateScoop50 Awards!


Last week, StateScoop announced the nominees of the 2015 StateScoop 50 Awards, honoring the best and the brightest who make state government more efficient and effective. The City of Philadelphia was represented in two categories.

Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid was nominated as a “State Executive of the Year.” (Last year, Adel received a “State Leadership Award”) Here’s what StateScoop had to say about this year’s nomination:

The new CIO, Adel Ebeid, came in 2011 with a bold vision to change the culture from “building IT” to “managing IT” while inspiring staff to embrace the role of a “tech broker” as opposed to “tech providers.” With a strong push for more cloud/mobile/social/data, the team was able to adjust its tech portfolio so that 30 to 50 percent of the tech footprint resides in the cloud, leaving behind things that the organization must be accountable for.

The City’s efforts in municipal IT (specifically increasing access to technology and democratizing data) were also nominated as an “Innovation of the Year.” Here’s what StateScoop had to say:

Philadelphia’s effort to make data publicly available and accessible, coupled with equally strong work providing the city’s underserved communities with access to technology and the Internet, has yielded outcomes of greater benefit than if either open data or digital inclusion were pursued individually. Integrating these two frequently compartmentalized initiatives so that they interact with and complement one another provides Philadelphia’s communities with a unique experience in civic technology. Our outcomes express themselves in civic applications that allow residents to engage in personally meaningful ways with their neighborhood and government.

The StateScoop50 Awards are represented by the most innovative minds and initiatives in city and state government. Last year, the City of Philadelphia was nominated, and received awards in, three categories. In addition to Adel’s State Leadership Award, the City’s Academy of Municipal Innovation and Innovation Management Program Manager, Ashley Del Bianco both won StateScoop Awards. Click here to vote for Adel and the City’s municipal IT efforts in this year’s awards. Voting is open until April, 17th.

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