Department of Public Health Releases Health Services Data

The Department of Public Health released five data sets today relating to Health Services provided throughout the city.

The release includes:

The data release comes just in time for the Apps for Philly Health Hackathon taking place this Saturday and Sunday (May 2nd-3rd) at Temple University’s School of Medicine. Similar to March’s Apps for Democracy Hackathon, which focused on using technology to increase civic engagement, Apps for Philly Health will bring together healthcare enthusiasts, public health officials, technologists, community organizers, and civic-engagement experts for discussion, brainstorming, and rapid-prototyping of technological solutions for social good.

The general public is encouraged to participate in both the hackathon and the Community Needs Assessment the night before, to identify opportunities and discuss project ideas. It is a great venue for connecting citizens, subject matter experts, and technologists who share the common goal of improving health in Philadelphia. All are welcome.

For more information about the state of health in Philadelphia, check out the Department of Public Health’s 2014 Community Health Assessment. The report includes summary information and statistics on obesity, mental health, tobacco and alcohol usage, and more. Data regarding Flu Shot locations, Farmers Markets, Health Centers, and Healthy Corner Stores are also available on

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