Fire Department Releases Data Inventory

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.41.23 AM

Today, the City of Philadelphia’s Fire Department released an inventory of data it collects and maintains. The department, in conjunction with the City’s open data team, compiled the inventory which lists and describes 168 data sets including fire incidents and permitted implosions.

The Fire Department is the eighth City agency to publish a data inventory, a major component of the City’s new open data process, and joins those recently completed by the Department of Licenses & Inspections and the Streets Department. With an increasing number of department inventories becoming available, the collection is quickly becoming a valuable resource for departments and the public to discover information that may be relevant to their work or area of interest. This makes cross-departmental collaboration even more possible as agencies begin to utilize the inventories to understand what information is collected City-wide, and whom to contact to obtain that information.

As with the previously released inventories, the public is encouraged to explore the inventory at at and provide feedback as to which data sets are of most interest and how each data set might be utilized. This feedback, in addition to the feedback from the Open Data Advisory Group, will be relayed to the department to help inform their decisions when prioritizing data sets for release.

A complete list of the City’s published data sets can be viewed on the City of Philadelphia’s Open Data Census. The site includes metrics around published and unpublished data as well as the pipeline of departments currently working with the open data team to publish data inventories. Published data sets are available for download on

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