GIS Team Releases Second of Three Batch Releases of Data

As we wrote about last week, the City’s Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Services Group has undertaken a massive housecleaning project resulting in the approval of dozens of new data sets for public release.

The project, which involved taking an inventory of the City’s central warehouse for geospatial data, has yielded some important results for city government. Along with the data releases, the project has helped the City’s GIS publishing policies and practices evolve and spread to an increasingly unified internal community of geodata analysts and publishers, ultimately transforming the way the City of Philadelphia publishes and shares geospatial data.

Today, the City is releasing the second of three batches made possible by the GIS group’s project. (Last week, a batch of “Streets Department” geospatial data was released.) Below are the contents of the “Urban Planning” release, broken down by departmental owner. Stay tuned for next week’s release!

Planning Commission

Police Department

Water Department

Office of Housing and Community Development

Office of Innovation & Technology

Office of Property Assessment

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