Streets and Sustainability Data Released for Hackathon

Seven new data sets and five data set refreshes are being released in preparation for the upcoming Sustainability Hackathon, hosted by Code for Philly taking place October 16th-18th. The batch of data sets were prioritized by the Streets Department and the Office of Sustainability for release in response to public feedback received during the open data inventory process.

To see the entire list of data sets from Streets and Sustainability, go to and share your feedback on what data would be helpful if released.

Newly released data sets include:

  • Streets
    • Street Name Aliases – Table to display street names which have aliased street names associated with them.
    • Street Place Names – A listing of “places” and their corresponding addresses to be used for geocoding.
    • Track Streets – Street segments containing train tracks.
    • Intersection Control – Active intersection controls for the Street Lighting and Traffic Engineering Divisions of the City of Philadelphia Streets Department.
    • Snow Categories – Prioritized categories for snow deployment, depending on the severity of snowfall.
  • Sustainability Office

The following data sets have been refreshed:

All are available for bulk download, with most also available via an API, and will be refreshed on an ongoing basis.

What could you do with the data? Do you have ideas about how to improve sustainability efforts or analyze outcomes throughout the city of Philadelphia? Share your thoughts at the hackathon!

For more information about Open Data go to and check out the many data sets available at

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