Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Releases Upcoming Activities Data

A public data set has been released from the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) Program Division. The data, which is a list of upcoming activities, can be found at Open Data Philly. It contains data that have always been available publicly but is now provided in multiple formats. Previously, activity data was only available through the City’s Find a Facility Application. Now that the data is being hosted on Open Data Philly, it can be easily downloaded in a .csv file (comma separated list) or accessed programmatically through two different APIs. Documentation on how to use the data is also provided on the Open Data Philly site.

The data consists of a list of upcoming, “in-house” programs at Philadelphia Parks & Recreation facilities. In-house programs are open to the public and are run by a staff member, volunteer or fee teacher. The data has attributes including type, age, gender, facilitator type, and description. At the time of release, the data contained over 1,000 records, which is about half of the number of programs that PPR hosts each year.

Now that the data is fully accessible to the public, staff at the Program Division hope to find ways to allow for people to more easily use the data. The ultimate goal for the data and any implementation of it is to help more people become involved in PPR programming. Questions about the data or its use can be emailed to Andy Viren.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Releases Upcoming Activities Data

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  2. Nettopp- Det er stor forskjell på proffer og amatører også i Norsk fotball-Helt enig med deg. Sarpsborg er nok allerede fortapt før de har sparket i gang en eneste kamp-Takk for din kormVntam!eargas

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