Copper nickel pipe welding procedure

The welding of copper nickel pipe has to be carried out carefully. The procedure starts with the preparation. Since copper nickel alloys have to be welded thoroughly, there should be no dirt or impurities on the welding surface. The impurities can cause weak welded joints and crack under stress. The tac welding is a method applied in welding the copper nickel pipes together. The copper nickel pipes have higher thermal expansion coefficients. This means they could expand rapidly under heat. Since different welding methods produce different high temperatures, the tac welding should be applied. In this method, equal gaps are maintained and welded. Therefore this method prevents unwanted distortions in the material.

After welding procedures could fix the problem but they could only be used in secondary assemblies. For primary assemblies, weld fixtures are not recommended. Square butt preparation can help to weld up to 3m thickness. However, all these procedures depend on the copper nickel pipe dimensions as well. Due to the complexity and expertise needed to fit the pipes with welding, the copper nickel tubing requires experts in the field. There are different grades and types of these pipes. Each has its own mechanical properties and thermal expansion rates. These factors have to be taken into consideration while welding. The 90/10 type of copper nickel for example is used in marine industries and for making the pipe fittings. These are wrought pipes. The price of 90/10 copper nickel pipe can vary according to the standards, dimensions and market factors as well.