Factors To Consider When Purchasing Industrial Washers

With dozens of regular and coin operated washer machines out there, choosing the right Girbau North America machine for your laundry business can be overwhelming. So, how do you find the right industrial washer for your business? Which factors must you consider to opt for the perfect washing machines that fit your business needs?

Here are the critical considerations when purchasing industrial washers, regardless of whether you are run a home or coin op laundry business.

Function Type

Fully automatic Vs. Semi-automatic washer, which one will it be? A fully automated industrial washer does most of the work for you with minimum human effort. You load it with the dirty laundry, press a button and it’ll do the rest. On the other hand, a semi-automatic washer demands more manual input. For instance, you’ll have to manually move the laundry from the washing tubs to the drying tubs, which can be time-consuming and inefficient for a busy commercial setup. Generally, fully automatic washing machines are more efficient, faster, and with superior wash quality than semi-automatic machines. This is a factor that can help keep your business ahead of the competition in your industry.

Stack-ability and Washer Capacity

How stackable an industrial washer affects space consumption in your laundry business. Think of it as configuring the washer and dryer with minimum space consumption. For instance, an industrial washer that lets you mount the dryer on top instead of placing it next to each other can save on plenty of space. Also, you’ll be able to offer full-service laundry capabilities to your customers. What’s more, consider how much laundry the machine can hold at a time. If your laundry business serves dozens of customers daily, you want the convenience of a large-capacity washer that spares you frequent laundry loading. While small capacity washers consume less water and energy, they aren’t suitable for commercial laundry services.


While all the other factors remain critical, your budget is the first thing you have to determine. The laundry washing machine you opt for must align with the amount you can comfortably spend on it without disrupting business stability. So, identify the machine’s price beforehand and check whether your laundry business can afford it. However, ensure the price falls in line with the quality it delivers. In other words, be sure that what you pay for is what you get. Price should equal quality.


When looking for an ideal washer, one thing you’ll need to avoid is buying a machine that won’t last. You buy it today, and not so long, you’re back in the market looking for replacement or spending a fortune on maintenance and frequent repairs. To avoid such events, only go for high-quality washing machines that will serve you for a long time. To achieve that, stick to trustworthy brands that have a large following of satisfied customers. Find out positive reviews about the brand and check its history to know its longevity. This way, you’ll buy durable washing machines from authentic suppliers.

Staying ahead of the competition and growing a strong authority in the industry demands having the right laundry machines in your business. Therefore, check your business needs and compare them with the features and price of the washing machines to identify the perfect fit.