How do I make custom foam packaging?

Sometimes, we have to ship our valuable and fragile articles through logistic services. Or, sometimes, we may have to carry these articles with us on a journey.   These movements may not be smooth, and they might give shocks and jerks to those articles. As a result, in most cases, these items get damaged. It remains a problem for us, “How to pack our items properly?”

To solve this problem, we can take the services of professional packagers and crates.  Besides, we can make custom foam packaging by ourselves.

How do I make custom foam packaging?

To make a custom foam packaging is not a herculean task. It requires some of our time and a few items.

Items Required

  1. A Plastic  container
  2. Disposable Paper Cups or old Teacups
  3. Disposable Spoons
  4. Piece of cardboard or Straw Board
  5. Plastic sheet
  6. Normal Insulating Tape
  7. A Sharp Knife
  8. Two-part Polyurethane foam Mix

The process to Make Custom Foam Packaging

 Cover the Article

We take a piece of plastic sheet and cover the article well with it. This covering will keep it safe during the foaming process.

Make a partition of Cardboard or Strawboard

We cut a piece of cardboard as per the height and length of the plastic container. We cut a hole in the middle of this piece about the size of the article. Having done this, we fix the plastic sheet covered article in this hole with the help of the insulating tape. Now, this assembly is placed in the middle of the container vertically. And, we use some tape to fix it properly.

Prepare Polyurethane foam Mix

We pour the equivalent amount of polyurethane mix in a cup. While pouring, we stir it well until it starts to get thick.

Prepare Foam Mold

We pour this mix into the container. We try to pour it around the article homogeneously. Besides, we keep it stirring to prevent the formation of air gaps.

Removal of the Foam Packaging

After the foam has set in, we ease the whole block out of the container by moving the knife blade softly between the foam block and container sides.

Finishing Touch

Having taken the block out, we remove any excess foam from the block. We take the cardboard partition out. As a result, we get two identical halves of foam blocks having space to secure our article. Now we remove the article from the cardboard and uncover it. Our Custom foam packaging is ready.

Final Words 

This was the answer to the query- How do I make custom foam packaging?  If you have to pack something valuable, this article could give you an insight into this process.