How long does cloud migration takes

Medium projects involving migrating document and email management can take up to 4 months. Projects which involve server setups that are sophisticated and the cloud-native configuration service can take 6-24 months and above.

How long it is going to take you when you are using the AWS migration will tend to vary from one company to the next. An example is a timeline for migration that will include migration planning, staff training, and application refactoring to make it possible for deep cloud integration.

But the situation might need that you move very fast to migrate part or all your applications and data to the cloud. An example is 87% of companies saying that the pandemic, made them speed up their migration to the cloud process in 2020/2021 for support of online transactions, remote working, and online data storage.

Challenges of cloud migration

Setting up a realistic migration timeline is not the only challenge faced by organizations. In the year 2017, there were about 208 IT professions from various industries and company sizes that were researched on and they said that, to migrate to the cloud tool longer than they expected. About 57% of those interviewed foresaw the process of migration to last longer than they had projected initially.

  • 73% did believe that the process was to take about one to two years to be able to get completed
  • 55% of all the projects on the cloud experienced overruns in budget
  • 70% did want to have a provider who was multi-cloud to leverage various services and features
  • About 62% believed that their first attempt to move to the cloud either outright failed or was very hard than they had expected.

Reasons behind cloud migration failing

According to a published report, most companies take a long time in overshooting budgets or failing outright since they aren’t sure of how to be able to comply with the costs, data quality, privacy, security, scalability, compatibility, and the standards of the multi-cloud during the whole transfer.

A research carried out in 2020 showed that a lack of enough known how to the applications for migration in phases, reducing the costs of cloud migration, and the pick of the correct balance of the future and current needs for the cloud to optimize the ROI was also responsible for the failure.


When you are in the position to know why others fail or take long when migrating to the cloud, you are bound to avoid such pitfalls and thus, migrate easily.