How To Choose The Best Bakery Equipment

Once you have a well-defined business plan, it’s time to choose which bakery equipment like Schaumburg Specialties for instance to buy. It is essential to focus on quality at this stage, as without it, no business will prosper. Regardless of the type of bakery chosen, some materials are essential for its operation. Check out some bakery equipment that cannot be lacking in your establishment:

  1. Oven

The main equipment for operating a bakery is in the oven. Ideally, it should be an industrial model with specifications for the bakery. Several models on the market, such as convection ovens and ballast ovens; professional models rely on technologies that guarantee superior quality to the final product.

  1. Kneader

The use of bread kneaders with a tub, with a capacity of 12 to 200 kilos for flour, reduces the manual work of the baker and increases the speed of bread production. It is essential bakery equipment, as it guarantees the homogenization of ingredients and leaves the dough at the ideal point of hydration and consistency.

  1. Divider

The divider helps to divide the dough into equal portions, guaranteeing quality standards and agility in production, in addition to facilitating ingredient yield calculations and the precise conversion of kilograms into units.

  1. Modeler

The molder is responsible for compressing the dough cut in the divider and molding each loaf into the correct shape before being placed on the baking sheet and placed in the oven. In addition to streamlining production, it also helps standardize the final product.

  1. Cold Room

The cold chambers rest the dough, slow down the fermentation process and prevent the yeast from dying. They are essential for bakeries that work with naturally-fermented bread or products that need to rest overnight.

  1. Greenhouse

Its role is opposite to that of the cold room, ensuring the maintenance of the temperature and humidity necessary for the dough to grow with quality and uniformly.

  1. Refrigerator

There is no possibility of maintaining a bakery kitchen without refrigerators. They are essential for storing ready-made products and ingredients. There are several options on the market. Opting for at least two models, one horizontal and one vertical with division is recommended to ensure proper food separation.

  1. Scale

Making recipes in large quantities requires a lot of precision, and any change in the recipe can affect the quality of the product. To facilitate the work and ensure good results, scales are also bakery equipment necessary for the establishment’s proper functioning.

  1. Mixer

Despite the various models available, the ideal mixers for bakeries are the planetary type, with a capacity between 10 and 140 liters of the bucket. With this type of mixer, it is possible to make light and heavy doughs and be very useful for both sweet and savory recipes.