Innovation Management Group

The Innovation Management Group’s work in the Office of Innovation and Technology concentrates on building an innovation infrastructure within municipal government to solve urban challenges in new ways and ultimately improve the services that we provide to our residents. Through its Innovation Academy, Lab, and Fund, the City emphasizes people, place, and process and develops its own capacity for seeding and implementing new ideas. The innovation management portfolio also includes procurement advocacy, digital inclusion, and the City of Philadelphia’s US2020PHL STEM Mentoring Program.

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Innovation Management Initiatives:

Academy for Municipal Innovation

Innovation Fund

Innovation Lab

Digital Inclusion (PhillyKEYSPOT)

Blog Posts:

What Happens in an Innovation Lab?

City Government Pilots US2020 STEM Mentoring Program

Investing in People: My Experience in the Academy for Municipal Innovation

Philadelphia Bridges the Digital Divide with KEYSPOT

Innovation as a Practice of Patience

Academy Recap: The Jeffersonian Dinner

Who Said Government Couldn’t Do Consulting?

Philadelphia wins first in 2015 Digital Cities Survey

Academy Recap: Integrated Design Thinking

Academy Recap: Cobra Skin

Academy Recap: Storytelling

Academy Recap: Value Propositions 

Academy Recap: Complex Systems

Innovation Management Resources:

2015 Innovation Management Activities, Outputs, and Outcomes

Innovation Lab Timeline

The Building Blocks of Innovation (Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal)

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