Innovation Lab


The Innovation Lab is a key piece of the City of Philadelphia’s overall plan to build an infrastructure of innovation within municipal government. Once two separate meeting rooms, the Lab is now a fresh, bright, technology-enabled space in the Municipal Services Building where City employees and external stakeholders can meet to think creatively and generate solutions to the City’s most pressing problems. The Innovation Lab provides a space conducive to cross-departmental collaboration where the City’s challenges can be studied and approached through new ways of thinking. The Lab’s mural design is intended to remind users of Philadelphia’s historical leadership in innovation and inspire further creativity. Visit the Innovation Lab’s page for more information.


Institutionalizing Innovation in Philadelphia (Harvard University’s Data-Smart Cities, 8/1/2014)

Philadelphia Opens Innovation Lab for City Employees (Gov Tech, 8/1/2014)

City of Philadelphia Launches Innovation Lab for City Employees ( Philly, 8/1/2014)

Philadelphia Quickly Rising through the Ranks of Innovative Cities (GM’s Drive the District, 8/11/2014)

What’s the Best Way to Spark Creativity Among City Workers? (Nationswell, 8/14/14)

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