Retaining Talent in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Due to COVID-19 and the quarantines, people were forced to work from home. While this has been a godsend for employees, this has caused stressed for employers as resignation rates have skyrocketed across America. In July 2021, over 4 million individuals quit their jobs. A record 10.9 million jobs were vacant by December.

Top earners leaving your company always stressful. Over 87% of employees claim that they have been debated a change of career. While motivations differ, there are things employers can do to ensure that they’re top earners remain where they are.

Unhappy workers list burnout, long hours, lack of recognition and low compensation as reason for departure. Management must install new strategies so that these issues don’t snowball into something greater. For instance, burnout affects productivity and can even lead to health problems. After finding out what the issue is, it’s time to discuss solutions.

Working from home has been a blessing for employees, allowing them freedom and promoting a healthy work-life balance. Allowing the option to continue working from home if they please is something management should think long and hard about. Employees today put more love and care into their personal life and health over their careers. This will encourage employees to stay, and it also makes your company a hot destination.

It’s also recommended that employers have regular one-on-one meetings with their employees and offer recognition and praise where it is due. Additionally, are the employees compensated appropriately? While not the only reason, wage is a major issue for employees as they are faced with inflation and cost of living on top of other rising costs. Fair compensation is insanely important, as less people are willing to work for a stagnant wage.

To learn more on how to reduce talent loss, please see the accompanying guide created by GForce Employment Solutions.

Infographic created by GForce Employment Professionals, a medical device consulting firm