Terrariums and the components required to construct them

Terrariums are tiny containers with decorative plants growing with supportive soil and pebbles. Some terrariums will need water from your end and some plants will grow with the natural process of creating water from the moisture. Usually, the self-watering terrariums will consist of a closed terrarium. If it is open, you should maintain it by watering it at the right time. However, both of these types will not necessarily need the specific climatic conditions usually required by the plants in an outdoor garden. So, there are several benefits of having them in your home. You can get an idea of the construction with the help of a Terrarium workshop Singapore. Most users use these plants for decorative purposes and some other health benefits. However, if you are about to make your terrarium, you should know the various components of it. Let us go through the list of such components in brief in this article.

Glass vessel – If you have seen the terrarium, you will know the importance of the vessel. It is what will contain every other component of the terrarium. The only factor to check while choosing the vessel will be the closing facility of the container for plants that do not need air.

Pebbles – You will need small pebbles and stones to create the first layer inside the vessel. These pebbles will help the plant to have only the required water even if there is an excess of it.

Soil – Your plant will grow with this soil only. It is better if you can find fresh soil where the selected plant can grow.

Plants – There is a range of plants that can grow inside this setup and you can choose it accordingly. Some plants to grow in terrariums will be air plants, cactus, and succulents.

Tools – Although it is a mini-garden, you may need some gardening tools.