The Best Ways to Keep Your Laundry Equipment in Top Shape

Your commercial laundry equipment will be one of the most significant investments in the business, so you’ll need to make sure to take care of it well. That way, the equipment will last long to continue making money for your business while satisfying customers. This calls for making sure you have access to its commercial laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts, along with other maintenance checks.

Check out these tips to help maintain your laundry equipment to keep it in its best shape:

  1. Clean the machine

Laundry machines do NOT clean itself as it cleans your clothes. In fact, the dirt and grime from dirty laundry build up in your laundry machines. If that buildup gets left behind, future loads won’t be as clean as expected.

Conduct regular cleaning for all commercial laundry machines, cleaning and deodorizing them with a mixture of vinegar and bicarb soda. Add bicarb in the detergent tray and the vinegar in the softener tray, running a hot cycle while the machine is empty.

Furthermore, make sure that you clean the filters and detergent compartments, removing all the dirt buildup. You can do this weekly to prevent molds and to continue having clean clothes.

Cleaning the laundry machines regularly also gives you a chance to inspect them properly, seeing if there is anything wrong or any leaking around the area. If your laundry machine requires repair and needs replacement of dexter laundry parts, leave that up to the professionals to avoid any risks and issues.

  1. Leave the door open

Speaking of molds, it’s best to keep the doors or lids of laundry machines open between uses so they can air and dry out. Furthermore, dry off the excess moisture around the door, particularly on front-loading machines. This prevents mold buildup.

Let the staff know about opening up the laundry machine doors once customers are done with it. You can also encourage customers to leave the doors open after use with signs around the area.

  1. Inform customers about loading capacity

Besides leaving the door open, inform your customers about proper laundry machine uses.

  • They should remove their washing right away to prevent mold buildup from wet clothes sitting in the laundry machine for too long.
  • They should not overload the laundry machine to prevent it from spinning heavy loads, which leads to damage and less clean clothes.
  • Before throwing in their clothes, they should check the pockets and all of their clothes to ensure there aren’t any foreign materials, like coins, which can damage the washing machine.
  1. Place the laundry equipment appropriately

Washing machines need to have at least 4 inches of space from the wall behind them to lessen the risks of their hoses kinking. It also prevents the machine from hitting your wall if it starts to shake and vibrate from unbalanced loads. Not doing this can cause damage to the hose, the machine itself, as well as your walls!

Wrapping It Up

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your laundry equipment runs well after every use. Good luck!