Things to Know About Tungsten Carbide Composite Rods

Tungsten carbide composite rods have been respected and utilised throughout the Oil exploration market worldwide. This type of production process leads to the greatest metal cutting quality tungsten carbide composite pole offered out there. Particles/Inserts are particularly sorted for also dimension distribution, as well as dealt with to make certain ideal wetting buildings throughout production, as well as for field application.

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The rigorous production treatments and quality control guarantee repeatability of outstanding quality tungsten carbide blend in a challenging durable nickel silver matrix that holds the carbides. The tungsten carbide composite rod exhibits exceptional cutting and wear properties, weldability, as well as reduced fuming throughout application. Quality consistency are additionally proven by various effective applications like scrap mill, rotating footwear, stabilizers, reamers, foundation coring, wash over shoes, use pads, lining mills, casing window mills, as well as scrap baskets etc.

Tungsten carbide composite pole is constructed from cemented carbide suggestions, as well as Ni/Ag(Cu) alloy. The carbide pointers are tungsten carbide smashed carbide wear inserts, grits, such as the carbide celebrity shape inserts, shark form inserts, carbide pyramid dimension inserts, and so forth. Occasionally, the carbide suggestions can be tungsten carbide powder. The economy option is tungsten carbide smashed grits. When you need greater resilient than carbide inserts, carbide grits are better. However, the cemented crushed/carbide with sharp edge has outstanding wear resistance, as well as cutting capability as well.

The firmness is 89 to 91 HRA, the binder metal is Ni, as well as copper alloy, solidity HB ≥ 160, toughness can up to 690MPa.

To brief, most of the Compound pole made utilising smashed sintered Tungsten Carbide grains adhered with a bronze nickel matrix, (Cu50 Zn40 Ni10) with a low melting point (870°C).

Why make use of tungsten carbide grits as the primary product? 

All of us understand tungsten carbide has high firmness, Tungsten carbide has excellent performance in Steel cutting. Tungsten carbide grits has the wear resistance homes. Tungsten carbide grits can protect the surface of devices subject to abrasive wear. Tungsten carbide suggestions increase the rate of down opening milling, as well as cutting , keeping full scale on stabilizers, overviews key seat wipers, as well as various other down hole devices.

Composite rods offer well-produced Tungsten Carbide composite brazing poles. These poles are utilised in a selection of applications which entails downhole milling, as well as rock boring, cutting, reaming, and the farrier market.

Tungsten Carbide Compound Rod 

Compound alloy rod is made from granular alloy, as well as elastic matrix carbide, there is a unique flux externally and coloured in order to determine the granular dimension. The primary product of fragment size is tungsten carbide, which hardness is about HRA89-91. Tensile toughness has to do with 690MPa. The outstanding grinding performance, as well as wear resistance of carbide is the benefit of welding poles.

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