Two-Wheeler Insurance Myths Debunked!

If you want to have a legal and trouble-free experience owning a vehicle and riding in it, getting Bajaj Allianz bike insurance, whether it be a bike or a scooter, is an absolute must. When it comes to insuring these automobiles, however, a significant number of consumers continue to be misled by a variety of urban legends. The following are some widespread misconceptions concerning the cost of insuring a motorcycle.

Myth 1: Electric two-wheelers are exempt from the requirement of having insurance:

People who purchase battery-powered two-wheelers like scooters or motorcycles often mistakenly believe that they do not require insurance for their new vehicles. If your battery-powered motorcycle can travel at speeds of more than 25 kilometres per hour and has a registration number, then you are legally required to get two-wheeler insurance for it. Any electric vehicle that has a motor with a power output greater than 250 watts is required to be registered and insured in the same manner as a gasoline-powered two-wheeler.

Myth 2: It is sufficient to purchase simply third-party liability bike insurance:

The minimal amount of insurance required by law to legally drive a vehicle on a public road is known as “third-party insurance.” However, third-party two-wheeler insurance will only cover the risk of injury to any other person.

Since you are the owner of the vehicle, any injuries you get will not be compensated for by the policy. If you get in an accident involving a bike, the costs of repairing or replacing parts on your own bike will not be covered by third-party insurance. It will only pay for the legal damages that were directed by the court to be paid to the other party involved in the accident.

Myth 3: Purchasing ordinary insurance protects you from liability for business use:

Many individuals are unsure about the proper protocol for using a vehicle for business purposes. You probably weren’t aware of this, but riding a motorcycle for business purposes still counts as a form of commercial vehicle usage. If you ask someone who repairs consumer appliances or electronics on-site, they won’t be aware of this fact. This holds true regardless of the appliance or device in question. It is regarded to be business use of the vehicle if you are an air conditioning technician and use your motorcycle to travel to the homes or workplaces of your customers in order to repair or install air conditioners.

Any trip for which you submit an expense report to your employer in order to receive a travel allowance is deemed to be for business purposes. In this scenario, your standard two-wheeler insurance will not be valid, and you will be required to get additional coverage for commercial usage, like Bajaj Allianz bike insurance.

Myth 4: A pre-insurance inspection is required prior to the renewal of every policy:

A lot of individuals are under the impression that every time they have to renew their two-wheeler insurance, the insurer needs to check the vehicle, and the policyholder needs to be present to have a photo taken of the bike. In fact, the only circumstance in which you will be required to bring your vehicle in for a pre-insurance inspection and to be photographed is if you have let your insurance policy lapse. If you let your bike insurance policy lapse for any reason, you will be required to get new coverage.

If, on the other hand, you purchase the new policy while your existing policy is still active, it will be regarded as a renewal of your existing policy, and you will be able to handle the renewal process on your own online. You should also be aware that so long as you are renewing the policy, it does not make a difference if you are also switching insurance companies; you are fine to go and will not be subject to any inspections.

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