Understand the Working Principle of Vooner Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

If you wish to find a rotating positive displacement machine that will allow you to handle numerous applications, we recommend considering liquid ring vacuum pumps.

They are essential for a wide array of industries including pharmaceutical, oil & gas, mining, marine, food and beverage packaging and process, textiles, pulp, and paper.

They can also help you utilize water and other processes that require a liquid sealant in general. It does not come with contacting parts, which means that you will get reliable and safe choice for handling potentially hazardous and dirty gas streams.

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You can find them in either dual or single-stage designs, and you can configure them as compressors so that you can boost the overall versatility.

Let us start from the beginning.

Operation Principle

Remember that seal liquid inside will immediately form a ring as soon as the impeller starts spinning. That way, it will start creating small chambers or empty spaces where you can trap the hazardous gas.

It features the rotor and axis, which is eccentric from the body. That way, a liquid can almost empty and fill each chamber during a single spin or revolution. As a result, it can easily compress the gas so that you can use it for pumping applications and purposes.

Remember that both atmospheric discharge ports and vacuum inlet will provide you the stable and balanced flow paths for the gas mixture that remains inside. The heat will dissipate due to seal liquid, which will lead the liquid to go outside and discharge.

Remember that residual water discharge and exhaust gas will be separated from each other within the gas stream so that you can return it to the pump while discharging only liquids. Of course, you need to replenish the pump with the water so that you can cool the gas inside.

Features of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

  • Noiseless and Cool Operation – The pump will maintain its coolness due to the circulation of liquid or water that you place inside of it. Remember that the process is almost noiseless, and it will not exceed 85 decibels, which is an essential fact you should remember beforehand.
  • Accepts Carryover – It can easily handle chemicals, slugs, and moisture and soft solids without harming the insides and the pump. The contaminants will enter the water inside, and you can discharge it afterward in a matter of seconds. Learn more about contaminants by entering this link: https://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/chemicals-and-contaminants for additional info.
  • Consistent Operation – You can operate continuously and handle heavy-duty assignments without any additional problem, making it one of the most reliable industrial vacuum pumps that you can find on the market.
  • Long Pump Life and Simple Maintenance – Generally, liquid ring vacuum pumps are compact and robust, which means that they can stand the test of time. The only moving part is the rotor, and you will find it on a shaft with bearings that will provide you the long service and operation. You will also use less water than other types, which will reduce the overall expenses you will have in the long run.
  • Eco-Friendly – Finally, you can rest assured because you do not have to change oil, oil pans, filters, and other accessories. Therefore, it is perfect for the environment because you will reduce overall contamination and carbon footprint.


We live in a world in which technology has affected every single aspect of our lives. The same thing goes for industrial equipment for numerous applications.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps can quickly achieve reliable and optimum performance in harsh industrial environments and rigorous, heavy-duty demands.

Besides, they are both robust and affordable options that will meet your needs for years after purchase.

You will also compress dry gas mixture or dry air up to an atmospheric pressure, which will contain within the ring pump, the same way as other displacement type pumps.

The main difference is that the temperature will not rise the same way because of the water sealant that will cool the device as soon as it reaches a critical situation.

Humid gas mixtures or air tend to feature condensable vapor, which means that the process will be completely different. When the vapor enters the Vooner liquid ring vaccuum pump, it will condense after cooling using the low-temperature seal liquid.

Since the condensate mixes will combine with the seal liquid, it will occupy too much space compared with the overall dimensions of the pump. Therefore, you will reduce the gas and water stream inside, which is another benefit and reason for its popularity.

If you wish to condense the only vapor, you will be able to do it fast enough to reduce compression, providing additional capacity. As soon as the rotor starts, the condensation will happen in each rotor chamber before it passes the inlet port.

The condensation that will happen will not affect the overall capacity of the pump, which is an important thing you should remember.

Generally, liquid ring vacuum pumps can handle a significant amount of liquid by using the inlet port to reduce gas inside. If you wish to boost the condensation bonus, you should spray the inlet piping upstream, which will help you with the process.

Common Applications

  • Brewing Industry – It is used for handling air agitation of malt and yeast during the fermentation process. You can use it as a de-aeration of makeup water, bottle filling, and compressor.
  • Aircraft Industry – It is common for altitude chambers, carburetor testing, vacuum chucking for handling and holding parts, and many more.
  • Automobile Industry – They are using liquid ring pumps for the carburetor and engine testing, vacuum filling of brake fluid, and power steering.
  • Chemical Industry – Chemical reactors require vacuum so that you can handle the de-aeration of numerous solutions, vacuum filtration, the distillation of fatty acids and resins as well as de-aeration of liquids and solids.
  • Petroleum Industry – It is a common solution for vacuum priming of pumps and vapor recovery of storage tanks. You can use it for vacuum filling and cleaning of barrels and vacuum filtration, among other things.