Virtual Agm: A Way To Revolutionize Your Business

Given the present scenario of the crises, the recent substitutes to physical AGM are the Virtual AGM. As a shareholder, it is a matter of right for you to be able to attend the mandatory yearly meeting of a company you have invested in. The business environment has been made compact owing to the new technological advancements, thus enabling associated members to be an active member even while staying at quite a distance.


With the very fact that such meetings are conducted online, there is more involvement on the part of the members. Also, to be added, the present-day need demands most tasks to be carried online, and hence that need too can be fulfilled. But at the same time, there is a limitation concerning the confidentiality aspect, which needs to be maintained to prevent the critical decisions of the company from being intervened by other mediators. Certain platforms have addressed the issue of confidentiality and thus maintained high security while using their platforms.

Sum up:

To come to a concluding point, many companies have approved of the very new concept and updated themselves as per the present requirements of their company.