What Options For My Tent: Everything For Your Comfort

A true fan of tent camping for many years or a beginner camper? It is sometimes difficult to know what you need when buying a tent. We have tried to list the different options you can find on our tents.

The Choice Of Reinforcement

Some companies offer tents such as 20 x 30 tent with three frames: the classic frame, the integrated frame, and the inflatable frame.

The classic frame is the one that everyone knows; it is necessary to assemble the whales of the tent yourself and pass them through the sleeves to set up the tent.

The integrated frame is a metal frame already mounted in the tent, which unfolds.

The inflatable frame is a frame without metal arches. Tubes are integrated into the tent. It takes a few pump strokes to inflate them and erect the tent. One person can be enough to set up an inflatable tent for 8 people! Here are all our models of inflatable tents.

inflatable tent frame

The Ventilation Of The Tent

The fabric insulates less from heat or humidity than a concrete wall. For this reason, it is necessary to consider several elements allowing you to ventilate the tent easily. As we told you in the previous paragraph, one of these options is to have several entrances to create air currents throughout the tent. You can also pay attention to the different vents and shutters on your tent, on the sides of the tent, and at roof and ground level. Some models like the Ottawa offer, in addition to the side and roof vents, ground-level vents considerably reduce the rooms’ humidity and promote air circulation.

For The Light

You stay up one evening and night has fallen, you need to see clearly; several solutions are available to you:

The hooks installed on the tent’s roof can allow you to hang your light and continue your vigil around board games. The clips pass a light garland along your frame.

Need Electricity

With all the electrical appliances we use daily, the tents such as Renegade Plastics for example had to be adapted over time to provide more comfort during your camping trip. Several models among our tents have a “cable pass.” This is a small zipped slot at the ground level of the tent that allows you to pass your electrical cables without bringing in rainwater or mosquitoes, for example.

The Comfort Of The Bedroom

Indeed, comfort in your room is very important if you want a good night’s sleep during your camping holiday. As we explained above, room ventilation is essential if you are in a hot region. There may also be hooks for the light, and you will often find pockets to store your belongings. However, another option can also be very advantageous for you and the length of your nights. Indeed, you can find among our tent rooms with dark roofs! The glare of the sun will not enter the tent canvas and thus reduce the temperature inside the tent. Your lazy mornings are just waiting for you!