Who Can Use Third Party Maintenance?

Third party maintenance is increasingly getting popular in the current world of IT. But what is it, and what can it do for your business? Third party maintenance is an alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support. It offers hardware maintenance for server, storage, and network equipment. In short, third-party providers offer general IT support for businesses of all sizes. With that in mind, who can use third-party maintenance? Keep reading to learn more.

Businesses with a Limited Budget and need IT maintenance

The end goal of every business is obtaining reliable and cost-effective services. And that’s what you get with IT third-party maintenance. Purchasing IT support services from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can be twice costly as working with a third-party maintenance provider. So, if you’re under a tight budget and you’re unable to monitor your IT infrastructure yourself, a third-party maintenance provider like CentricsIT will serve your needs perfectly at an affordable price.

Organizations Seeking Personalized IT support

When it comes to monitoring the IT systems in your business, you can either opt for OEM support or hire third party maintenance services. One of the biggest disadvantages of the first option (OEM support) is that getting individual attention is almost impossible, making it challenging to receive personalized IT services. On the other hand, third-party maintenance providers are stand-alone businesses (not a department in the main organization like in OEM support) that strive to offer the best customer support and customized IT services that serve your specific needs. This way, fixing IT problems in your business is fast thus ensuring continuous productivity.

Businesses with Network or IT equipment From Various Brands

OEM support is only limited to the specific brand, which is bad news for businesses that have network equipment or hardware from several manufacturers. In such a case, businesses can only seek OEM support from all the brands whenever they need IT maintenance for every hardware or equipment in your organization. Meaning, a business will end up dealing with multiple service providers, which can be tiresome, time-consuming, and can compromise company data.

In contrast, third-party maintenance comes as a full-service bundle. Third-party providers offer multiple IT services with zero limitations. For instance, you can get data center hosting, hardware and software maintenance, and cybersecurity services simultaneously. A third-party provider is perfect for your business if you have IT tools from several brands and are looking for centralized IT management and maintenance services.

Those looking for Data protection against attack by cybercriminals

One of the greatest drawbacks of IT infrastructure in businesses is vulnerability to cybercrimes. If a cyber-attack were to occur on your self-hosted databases in your business, you would suffer great data loss. And considering that third-party providers offer data center hosting, you can easily migrate your data to their servers, which act as a backup in the event of hardware breakdown or malicious attacks from hackers. In return, you won’t have to worry about downtime in your business.

Network devices, storage, and servers can inevitably fail, which results in damages to your operations and customer relationships. To help reduce such effects, partnering with TPM providers can give you the solutions you seek.