Why Smart Bins are the solution for your community

When you walk through the city and see a lot of rubbish littering the bins, you know that things are very wrong. Trash cans get filled up and people just throw their rubbish next to them. Municipalities often do not have a good overview of these waste bins or come to empty them at the wrong moments. This causes the bins to overflow or to be emptied too soon. But now there is a solution! Read along and find out!

Is there a waste problem?

Yes, we can certainly speak of a waste problem. More and more we come across cities where waste is a big problem. This is because more and more packaging materials are being used. We also see that during the pandemic, more orders were placed online. This has led to a shopping frenzy and a lot more waste. Think of all those cardboard boxes. People become too lazy to go to a waste bin that is not full but is a bit further to walk. As a result, people choose to dump waste. This is a huge problem, because cities are becoming terribly neglected as a result. Time for the solution!

Meet Mr. Fill

It’s time to meet Mr. Fill. The Smart Bin Mr. Fill is an ideal solution for many cities. With the help of these smart bins, municipalities can easily see which bins are full and which are not. This ensures that you can empty waste in a much more efficient and effective way. For, you can choose not to drive past that specific neighborhood just yet because that neighborhood generally throws away less waste than other neighborhoods. This can lead to huge savings on CO2 emissions. Perfect if you want to be seen as a sustainable municipality!

With the smart bins, you can also use the app to see how much energy has been received from the sun and stored. This is another way of contributing to our beautiful world.

How do you qualify for these bins?

If you haven’t seen these smart bins before, you will from now on. We see these smart bins namely in more and more municipalities worldwide. For example, did you know that they are growing enormously in Germany? In addition, you will also see these smart bins in the Netherlands and there is a good chance that you will not be able to avoid them any longer!